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Liam Lynch - Cyber Security

Name: Liam Lynch

Position: Cyber Security Consultant

Company: L2 Cyber Security Solutions





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About Us

With 30 years of experience, starting as a developer back in the eighties before moving into networking, infrastructure and security in the nineties, Liam has seen pretty much everything the evil doers of the internet have thrown at people.

In 2016 Liam set up L2 Cyber Security Solutions with the maxim #SecuritySimplified as its core value. Liam puts simplicity and ease of understanding (along with a bit of fun) into the training and consulting on the scary, technical topics like Cyber Security or boring, legal subjects like GDPR.

The Security Awareness Training is probably the most comprehensive on the market, covering all the scams from Nigerian Prince e-mails, to fake invoices and CEO fraud. The GDPR training material has been translated from impenetrable legalese, into normal person English. Everything is delivered with the trainee in mind.

As an independent consultant, Liam is not tied to any specific vendors for any products or services and will give an impartial assessment of your firm’s IT Infrastructure or Data Protection policies and procedures.

Key Services

Security Awareness Training

Train your staff to use the internet safely and securely in non-technical and engaging sessions. Businesses that implement this training experience a reduction in the chance of a staff member clicking on a malicious e-mail from 30% to 5-10% according to Deloitte.

GDPR Awareness Training

This is the least boring awareness training on the topic of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in the country. The material can be customised to suit an annual staff refresher course.

GDPR Practical Implementation Training

If you want to put in place the documentation and procedures necessary for your company to get as compliant as possible with the GDPR yourself, then look no further than this practical training session, which will provide you with the necessary templates.

Security Risk Assessments

Do you pay an IT service provider to manage your IT infrastructure? Are you certain they are doing the work they claim to be doing? Or do you process sensitive personal data (e.g. - medical information, criminal convictions, etc.)? Are you storing this information securely? Find out with our tailored Security Risk Assessments.

Business Continuity Planning and Testing

Would your business be able to continue to operate if your main premises was gutted by a fire? How much disruption can you actually afford? Can you continue to operate if a crucial staff member is unavailable? Why not put a preemptive plan in place for the most common risks your business might encounter. It’s also a good idea to test the plan to see if it’s fit for purpose. This can be achieved by non-disruptive, real-life scenarios being walked through.