Our Constitution

At MidWest Business-2-Business we are committed to bringing like-minded business owners together into a forum that will help develop business networking skills, increase referrals and income while retaining a high level of trust, ethical standards, positivity, commitment and community spirit.
The general aims of MidWest Business-2-Business [hereafter referred to as “the group” or “MW B2B”] are as follows:

• To facilitate the generation of quality business referrals,
• To foster the conversion of these referrals in order to increase our member’s revenue streams,
• To promote individual members on a weekly basis where the member is encouraged to provide a short presentation on all or specific areas of their business.
• To provide a support to individual members who seek advice and recreation outside an office environment by way of a scheduled weekly meeting and at least one evening meeting/social event each quarter.
• To facilitate the development of business skills through training and education,
• To strive to collectively provide a high quality and competent service and
• To maintain a forum of positivity, trust, commitment and high ethical standards.


1. The group shall be governed by a three (3) person committee comprising of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.
2. The committee shall be elected for a twelve (12) month term commencing from the first day of December. The election of the committee shall take place at an AGM held a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the commencement of the new term. Election shall be by majority vote. In the event of a tie in an election or decision, lots shall be cast and the first lot drawn shall be deemed elected.
3. The decision of the committee shall be final in the case of an issue, conflict or deemed breach of policy.


1. Attendance is the cornerstone of the group. A member may allow a substitute to attend a meeting which will be deemed as normal attendance.
2. A Meeting attendance shall be deemed as attending the regular weekly meeting. These meetings will be held at a prearranged time and venue.
3. Leaves of absence may be given, at the discretion of the committee for bone-fide reasons. Irregular attendance will be dealt with by the committee
4. Visitors may only attend two (2) meetings per twelve (12) month period in the absence of a valid membership. If they wish join or to attend a third time, they will be requested to provide a presentation to the group which outlines their skill set and specific scope of works.

Midwest Business-2-Business Constitution
Version 1.2 17th January 2019 2

5. New membership applications will be assessed for approval by the existing group/committee. This may also include contacting referees of the applicant.
6. A new member shall provide evidence of suitable insurance to the treasurer within one month of the commencement of the membership and then again on an annual basis.
7. Any referrals or exchange of information from Midwest Business-2-Business networking group are completely non–binding. It is each individual’s/business’s responsibility to act in a responsible manner and carry out their own research on any information, referral or introduction given. Midwest B2B will be in no way responsible or liable as to how each individual/business chooses to use this information or introduction. Furthermore the Midwest B2B group will be in no liable or responsible for the actions or opinions given by a group member or that of a referral party.
8. All visitors from every profession or trade are welcome to visit regardless of conflicts or perceived conflicts.
9. Membership of the group is not limited to one person representing each sector, occupation, trade or profession. Any objections or conflicts in this regard with a current member should be notified immediately to the committee, by that member and the committee shall have full authority relating to conflicts that may arise in regard to this policy. Flexibility will be available based on specific skill sets.
10. Members are strongly encouraged to hold regular one-to-one meetings with their fellow members to learn more about each other’s businesses and help to identify mutually beneficial opportunities. One to One meetings will be requested at all weekly meetings.
11. Members can also be involved with similar referral/support groups on condition that referrals be offered to service providers in each group.
12. Members who are involved in other groups are encouraged to invite visitors from those groups to this group. They should also, if allowed, provide invitations for members of this group to the other group.
13. Members are encouraged to bring one constructive input per week in the form of a visitor, referral, advice, good news story, information sharing, interesting story, presentation or a testimonial.
14. Membership subscriptions of €50 are paid monthly by standing order. The benefit of being a member will be providing a full profile of the member’s business on the website. The member’s business will also be promoted across the various social media sites. This fee also covers venue costs for the quarterly evening meeting.
15. Members are encouraged to attend the training, social, charitable and education events run by or on behalf of the group.
16. In the case with an issue with a member, such as lack of commitment to the group, the committee may suspend the member’s membership during investigation and may expel the member, at their discretion, if this is deemed to be the correct sanction.

Midwest Business-2-Business Constitution
Version 1.2 17th January 2019 3

17. In the case of a dispute between two group members the dispute resolution procedure, in force at the time, must be applied. Members may be expelled, without the right to a refund of unused and paid subscriptions, for failure to comply with the general aims or the group or with its policies.
18. These policies are subject to ongoing review. Proposed changes in policy shall be notified with one week’s advance notice and then agreed by a general vote at a normal weekly meeting.

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