Presentation from Edward Kinane of PAQ IT

Edward Kinane

We had a great presentation from Edward Kinane from PAQ IT Solutions Limited this morning. They remove the headache of managing a company’s IT infrastructure from their clients.

PAQ IT provide a full range of IT support services, and in particular the managed support service, which for a set fee every month will see a client’s IT infrastructure managed by the professionals.

They will ensure equipment is refreshed on an appropriate cycle and critical issues are looked at inside of 2 hours. They install agents on all managed devices to ensure everything is kept up-to-date, optimised and monitored.

Each client will get a customised set of services, which can include reports and test results that will show compliance for various supervisory bodies.

You can contact Edward Kinane on 087-640-7736 or

All local businesses are welcome to come along as a guest. We meet from 07:20 every Thursday morning in the impressively renovated Andy Flynns, Sarsfield Street, Nenagh.

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