About Us

A Local Business Support, Referral and Networking Group. Helping businesses in the MidWest Area Grow!

Aim of the Group

MidWest Business-2-Business are a group of like-minded business owners/managers who come together in a relaxed forum weekly to develop business networking skills, increase referrals and income while retaining a high level of trust, ethical standards, positivity, commitment and community spirit. The aims of the MidWest Business-2-Business are:

Business Referrals

To facilitate the generation of quality business referrals.

Business Promotion

To promote individual members on a weekly basis where the member is encouraged to provide a short presentation on all or specific areas of their business.

Revenue Generation

To foster the conversion of these referrals in order to increase our member’s revenue streams.

Business Support

To provide a support to individual members who seek advice and recreation outside an office environment by way of a scheduled weekly meeting and at least one evening meeting/social event each quarter.

Training & Education

To facilitate the development of business skills through training and education.

If you think your business could benefit from the wide skillset and access to the networks of the MidWest Business 2 Business group, we would be happy to hear from you.